Tips for Choosing a Pond Pump

Just as a person’s heart circulates blood throughout the body, a pond has a pump to move water through fountains and falls, offering beneficial aeration for plants and pond animals. Selecting the proper pump can ensure adequate water flow and a healthy pond ecosystem. Look here for several things to consider when buying a pond pump.

Water Flow

There are a few ways to determine the right amount of water flow. It’s common for new pond builders to underestimate how much they want flowing over a waterfall. For instance, 1000 gallons per hour may seem like a lot, but it’s not that much when spread over a three-foot-wide waterfall. One of the first things builders should consider is the width and desired flow for a waterfall.

Pump Size

Once the builder knows their desired level of water flow, it’s time to choose a pump size. Performance varies depending on how much resistance the pump is pushing; the more it encounters, the stronger the pump should be. Consider the pump’s performance, the resistance it encounters, and the desired flow when sizing pond pumps.

Operating Cost

Another important calculation to make is the cost to operate the pump. These pumps run most of the time, and electricity costs should be carefully considered, especially during the planning stage. Most pumps have a watt rating that tells the buyer how much power is drawn. Take that number and multiply it by runtime; multiply the answer by the cost of power to get the total operating cost per month.


Because pumps run most of the year, reliability is an important factor to consider. When a pump stops working, the plants and animals within don’t get the oxygen needed to thrive. Buyers should read online reviews and talk to other pond owners to get recommendations. When buying a pump, choosing one with a long warranty can help the buyer make a more reliable selection.

Enjoy the Results

With the right pond pump, owners can enjoy the tranquility and beauty of their very own backyard pond. All that’s left to do after adding plants and fish is to sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds.

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