Shailesh Dash Helps Fuel Growth Throughout MENA by Attracting Capital to the Region

Development continues apace all around the world, but that rate has started to slow down notably in certain regions. Beset by problems ranging from aging populations to seemingly intractable income inequality, formerly fast-growing places like North America and Europe are starting to seem a bit stagnant. Even a formerly exemplary economy like that of China has started to show signs that historically unprecedented rates of growth have to give way to more accustomed figures at some point.

That can be disheartening to investors who have traditionally focused most intently on such areas and have rarely thought to look elsewhere. On the other hand, finding an informed source of advice and assistance sometimes turns out to be all that it takes to start participating productively in an entirely new region. That was the thinking that motivated Shailesh Dash to found Al Masah Capital in 2010, and it has paid off since for many.

Founded with a Mission of Opening Up the Middle East and North Africa to Investors from All Over

Dash rightly saw that the region known as the Middle East and North Africa, or MENA, was at that point ripe for investment from elsewhere. With the region-wide economy set to expand in many different ways, it was, in many cases, only a lack of capital that was holding it back.

With plenty of experience in the field of alternative investments, Dash decided that the moment was right to open up an investment company of his own. Since then, he has helped attract over a billion dollars in capital to the region from investors from all over the world.

Over the course of a relatively brief span in business, Al Masah Capital has risen to become one of the most recognized and trusted companies of its kind in MENA. With investors respecting and appreciating how it allows them to participate in MENA in such productive fashion, the group has a bright future ahead of it, as well.

Looking Toward an Even More Vital, Fast-Growing MENA

Thanks to developments like these, MENA’s own future seems even richer with potential than before. With investment capital now regularly flowing to where it is needed the most, the region is already turning out to be a bright spot of rapid growth in a world where many others are slowing down.

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