Dealing with Civil Litigation in Singapore

When a person has been wronged by someone, but not necessarily had a crime committed against them, the opportunity arises for a civil lawsuit. Civil lawsuits occur due to various disputes, such as employment disagreements, insurance contracts and property disputes. The intended result of these civil suits is for the person wronged to receive monetary compensation or for the person wronged to be ensured that the perpetrator will not wrong him or her again. There is a law firm in Singapore whose practice focuses on dealing primarily with civil litigation. Here are things a civil litigation lawyer in Singapore from IRB Law has to relay to clients.

Dealing with the Civil Suit in a Personal Injury Case

Civil lawsuits in a personal injury case occurs when a person suffers an injury at the hands of another, and through no fault of his or her own. Types of personal injuries may result from automobile accidents, medical malpractice, and property that is unsafe. The claimant in such cases normally has three years from the date of the injury to file a personal injury civil lawsuit, otherwise, he or she loses the opportunity to be heard and collect damages.

Civil Litigation in a Property-Related Suit

Some issues may come from co-owners of the same property. Other issues might arise between a landlord and the tenant. There may be issues with the lease or property contract. The tenant may not be paying the rent on time or at all. The landlord might not be keeping the property up or the maintenance up to date. In such cases, the civil litigation lawyer can help the client come to an amicable solution in the lawsuit.

All About the Civil Litigation Attorney

The I.R.B. Law Firm has been providing legal solutions for clients throughout Singapore. In addition to dealing with civil litigation, the law firm also deals with criminal litigation, intellectual property law, international trade law, divorce law, and shipping law. Lawyers are on hand to answer the various legal questions that potential clients may have. If any persons are interested in a law firm in Singapore, they can visit the website of the attorneys at

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