Choosing the Best Large Doorstep

Simple and innocuous, often overlooked and almost never seen, door stops are a vital part of most homes and businesses. Whether holding the back door open to bring the groceries in, or propping open the glass double doors during a delivery, door stops have one job. But what makes for the best door stop? When looking at options for a home or office, consider all the relevant variables.

How big is the door? A small wooden interior door weighs far less than a large stainless steel fire door. A Large Doorstop may be better suited to holding open hallway doors in a school, while something smaller could be better for grandma’s kitchen door.

What is the floor made of? With various types of flooring, from marble and Spanish tile to rugs and wall-to-wall carpet, the type of flooring in the location influences the type of material needed for a decent door stop. Almost all have one thing in common though – rubber. Whether the doorstop is made out of wood or acrylic, the bottom and part of the top is usually lined or coated in rubber. Often the entire doorstop is made in one solid piece.

What color is the decor? Propping a delivery door open in a warehouse probably will not require color matching, but the front office of a lawyer might. It does no good to have beautiful carpets and delicate details if the doorstop is the equivalent of a brick. An effort should be made to match the surrounding theme, color, and tone of wherever the door is.

How often are the door stops going to be used? A serious consideration is the frequency of use. A doorstop used to hold open the patient door in a doctors office is likely to receive a great deal more every day use than a security door in a hospital. Some doors are not allowed to be propped open. Check with building security and maintenance before purchasing a doorstop if you do not own the property.

Utility and practicality should be the basis of any decision regarding what type of doorstop to use. Fine quality doorstops made out of clear plastics and rubber pads are sold alongside large black rubber triangles, used for the same purpose. Know what is available, and match the needs of the situation to the product available.

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